Dark Fury galaxy

Starting a Ship

To start a new ship in our Fleet, the process couldn't be easier! All you need to do is send some basic information and be a paid member in good standing with the Advance Guard. There is no registration fee for the ship or any shakedown process.

The information we require to register your ship is as follows:

One additional requirement we have is that there must be at least five paid members of the Advance Guard on the ship's roster. They all may be from the same family membership or from any combination of individual and family memberships. This is partly to promote growth and cooperation within a ship's local area and partly to encourage recruitment of new members. Those members may join the Advance Guard at the same time the registration request for the new ship is submitted but the ship will not be registered until there are at least five paid members in good standing aboard the ship.

If your ship is not yet registered with another fan club (e.g. Klingon Assault Group (KAG), Klingon International Diplomatic Corps (KIDC), the Maquis, Romulan Star Empire, Starfleet International, etc.) or if your current registry number from another fan club is already in use, we will assign you a new registry number for use with our organization. Otherwise, we will keep things simple and use the number you already have assigned.

Once a ship is registered, the CO or XO must submit a Monthly Status Report (MSR) on or before the 7th day of each month. Failure to do so by 11pm Central Standard Time on the 7th day constitutes a failure to report, even if the report is submitted after that time. Two failures to report in a year's time may lead to the ship being placed on probationary status. Three failures to report in a year's time may lead to a change in the ship's command structure or disbanding of the ship.

The MSR is very simple. It is nothing more than an email listing the activities of the ship during that time, any updates to the CO's and/or XO's information (e.g. rank, address, phone number, email address), and any updates to the ship's roster (especially any additions to the crew or transfers out of the ship's complement). The simplest MSR can say nothing more than "Nothing to report," provided that is true.

To send in your report each month, email it to us